Open Source Sode for Wii Controller and ZigBee based IMU to MIDI

I am really interested in Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) and have been building them for the last 5 years. Each year it gets easier and they become more accurate. My main interest is using them to generate music.

I have some early (but well tested) code that can be found at Let me know what you do with it. This uses a ZigBee as the wireless connection which has been an excellent long range low power solution for a while now.

I have created a super sensitive IMU for the project let me know if you are interested, it a wired solution.

I am now building a Wi-Fi version using an ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip for the communications, a Teensy 3.2 for the main processing and the BNO055 Absolute Orientation IMU. I have started to integrate this in to Ableton Live.


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