Pianofield @ Letheringham Priory Church

Pianofield did a fund-raising concert for this amazing church. The church has a wonderful acoustic it sounded great! A highlight was playing the loverly little church organ on “Monk Over The Hill”. It is a very special place to perform!

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Here is the whole set:

Evening Star
Coming Home
Onset Of Winter
Monk Over The Hill
Devil’s Cauldron

Echoes @ Butley Priory

ECHOES – Music, walk and poetry to respond to the magical and spiritual atmosphere of an amazing 12th Century site.

Composer and improviser Frances Shelley (www.francesshelley.com) alongside soundscape designer Matthew Bickerton and artist Pauline Bickerton paulinebickerton.com.

American poet and writer Genevieve Katherine lead a 45 minute walk around the Priory grounds and ruins, with short intervals for readings of her new works, some poems being especially written for the occasion. Geneviève is a spoken word artist who works from nature, ritual, and the simple truths of our mundane and mythic existence.

Then it was back to the log fire in the Great Hall, for an improvised performance on two pianos and various keyboards and computers by Frances and extraordinary soundscape artist Matthew Bickerton The incredible stone vaulted Great Hall became an installation in itself with film projection and lighting accompanying the music.

The aim of both poetry and musical performances will be to respond to, capture, and express in the various mediums of the artists, the magical and spiritual atmosphere of this 12 Century site, at the darkest, most still, and most regenerative time of the year leading up to the Winter Solstice.

Supported by the Suffolk County Council.


A collaboration with Frances Shelley (Improvisation/Pianist) & Pauline Bickerton (Sculptor).

An inertial measurement unit (IMU) measures the movement of the tree sculptures. This is processed by bespoke software (Max/Msp and Processing) to produce MIDI data that drives Ableton Live. The result lies between music and a soundscape.

The audience could sit and listen to the trees all day. Then each evening Frances and I improvised along to the tree.

For more information :  seatrees.uk


The Awe of the Other – Aldeburgh Beach, Suffolk

A collaboration with Pauline Bickerton.

2 over size chairs 500 meters apart, connected with headphones allow people to have a surprising encounter with one another. The results were installed in a modified Bakelite radio using a small Arduino and digital amplifier.

Transducers were used to bring the sounds from the chairs to an audience in the Aldeburgh Lookout. The windows and fabric of the building were used in various ways to act as loudspeakers.

World in a Box – Ramsgate, UK

In a collaboration with Pauline Bickerton and driven from a live feed of seismic data from a station just next to Margate, the vibrating dippers on a ripple tank create a wave pattern. One dipper is drive by the surface wave and the other the wave through the core of the earth.